David Kobrosky

David Kobrosky is a sophomore studying computer science and economics at the University of Michigan. Skateboarding from a young age has shown him what it’s like to experience the world around him from an angle of experimentation. David is the founder of Skatify (previously Skate 4 Africa), as well as Easy Board Company where he’s mass produced skateboards as well as help construct skateboard parks. More recently, he co-founded Blockchain at Michigan and is a blockchain researcher for Turing, a New York-based startup. In his talk, he wants to share his love of skateboarding and how looking at the world from a mindset of ground 0 can make reality malleable for the better.

Topic Takeaways

  • Problem solving: try using a renewable resource or UPcycle.
  • Teamwork: work with others, understand your own inabilities.
  • Finding your spark: recognize what you care deeply about.

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