Bill Brown

Bill Brown is CEO of NET Power, which is deploying an emissions-free technology that produces electricity from natural gas at a cost comparable to existing technologies. He is also the co-founder of 8 Rivers Capital, the developer of the NET Power process as well as low-cost energy processes for the production of clean hydrogen, cement, and steel and the direct capture of CO2 from air. Brown was previously a professor at Duke Law School and had an extensive career in sales and trading on Wall Street working for Goldman Sachs & Co., AIG, and Morgan Stanley. Earlier in his career, he was a law partner at Sidley Austin.

Topic Takeaways

  • There is more to life than what you already know.
  • Try spreading your horizons instead of narrowing things down.
  • Connect: Find your "teacher", they'll become your life coach.
  • Fossil fuels can be clean.

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